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Most of us put our money in the bank, but the question here is, is your money growing?

Your money grows based on the size of the savings you deposit in the bank account, and it earns only a little interest. Despite this, it is also beneficial for beginners who do not want to take risks with their money.

If you are a risk-taker and want to grow your assets, why not try different types of digital currency?

It seems that everyone needs cryptocurrency these days.

You’ll need a cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin to take part in the action.

However, because cryptocurrencies are volatile, it’s crucial to know where you put your investment. To assist, here are the list of best cryptocurrencies to invest in that can help you increase your assets.


Bitcoin has a great history of all cryptocurrencies. It’s easy to see why he’s a leader, as the crypto price and coin market cap is much higher than any other investment option.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency in the metropolis because of its pioneering status, a strict cap on its maximum turnover of 21 million BTC, and its ability to become a store of value through corporate balance sheets of corporate America – a future which Tesla Inc.

Tesla announced in February that it had invested $1.5 billion and has accepted it for a while as a car payment and may soon do so again.


Ethereum is distinct from Bitcoin in that it is more than just a digital currency. It’s also a network that allows developers to use the Ethereum network to create their cryptocurrency. While Ethereum is far behind Bitcoin in terms of value, it is also far ahead of its rivals.

Even though it was released years after some other cryptocurrencies, it has far outpaced its market position due to its unique technology.


The cryptocurrency is essentially a direct copy of Litecoin’s code and, like all other digital assets, can be used to transfer value over the internet. Dogecoin is not for use in the real world outside of a simple blockchain-based payment system. However, he quickly gathered loyal followers who discovered and developed new applications for him. These included a third-party online tipping service, which led to doge becoming a leading tipping coin on the social media platform Reddit, and dogecoin crowdfunding for charitable causes.


The coin popularity grew alongside Binance, rising from 10 cents at its initial coin offering in 2017 to around $550 today. So far 2021, BNB has increased by more than 1,300%.

When mainstream investors hear the term “cryptocurrency exchange,” they may immediately think of Coinbase Global Inc. (COIN), the first such company to go public in the United States.

However, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is Binance, and BNB’s token considering on Ethereum, but it is now available on Binance’s blockchain.


XRP is a digital payment processing company. It functions as a cryptocurrency PayPal, allowing exchanges of both crypto and fiat currencies.

Ripple is making significant investments in non-fungible token projects that use the public blockchain XRP Ledger. According to Inside Bitcoins, this investment indicates that Ripple is positioning itself as another “Ethereum killer.”


Do not invest in cryptocurrencies if you do not know the market. The new cryptocurrency network can easily climb the career ladder and become a winning platform. The smartest thing you can do as an investor is to keep an eye on the development of the market.

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